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Fostering growth &
active participation
in our sport.

Indoor Volleyball

Pines have been at the forefront of high performance Volleyball in New Zealand having held the National title in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In addition to the Pines team our Sapling's Development team play in the second division and have placed respectively over the recent years. In 2017 the club proudly introduced a Pines Womens team to the program.


Beach Volleyball

Since 2013 Pines have amplified the fast growing game of Beach Volleyball in the Nelson region. Hosting weekly 2s competitions, King/Queen of the Beach, National Challenger competitions, NZ Age Group/Secondary School Championships as well as high performance training camps.


Pines Volleyball Club strive to foster local growth of the game of Volleyball, not only encouraging participation but also to creating pathways for players to be able to compete at a higher level in the game. Club Volleyball also significantly assists the development of younger players skill sets coming through, this enables them to prepared for the National Age Group program and can further lead to the opportunity of representing New Zealand at an international level.